A few months ago, CBS decided to pass on the 'Beverly Hills Cop' television series, which would have seen Brandon T. Jackson ('Percy Jackson') police the wealthy side of Hollywood as Axel Foley's son. And that, for lack of a better phrase, appeared to be that. However, a recent statement from series producer Shawn Ryan suggests that fans of the iconic Eddie Murphy comedy franchise may have something to look forward to.

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So, if you've been waiting for another Axel Foley adventure ever since 'Beverly Hills Cop 3' disappointed you back in 1994, this seems to be your lucky day! Just don't pop that champagne quite yet -- a film being put "into development" doesn't confirm that it's getting made, it just means that the studio is once again looking at how they can make it work and who they should hire to bring it to life. After all, a fourth film in this franchise has been in development off and on for nearly 20 years now. Not to mention that, if the TV pilot was tested as well as Ryan claims, then why did CBS pass on it to begin with?

Now we have to wonder what 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' would look like. Would it use the ill-fated series as a starting point and follow the adventures of young Aaron Foley (Jackson, again?) as he follows in his father's footsteps? Or would it simply put the older Murphy back on the beat? Let us know what you'd rather see in the comments below!