Marvel Studios and Disney previously announced that they would be embarking on their first animated Marvel movie adventure with 'Big Hero 6,' adapted from the relatively unknown comic book of the same name. During this year's D23 Expo in California, the audience at the Anaheim Convention Center got a preview of the film via concept footage, art and some teaser tidbits of the story.

"I was looking for something on the obscure side," said the film's director, Don Hall. 'Big Hero 6,' as we've previously seen through concept imagery, takes place in the fictional world of San Fransokyo, obviously merging the architecture of San Francisco and Tokyo. Hall's story centers around a 14-year-old genius, Hiro, who, after losing his big brother, mends his broken heart through the relationship he forms with a robot, Baymax.

Baymax was a robot initially purposed as a nurse 'bot, which explains why he's so gentle, compassionate, and focused on the health and well being of all those around him. It's this compassionate nature that Hiro finds endearing. "The animators goal was to make him as cute and adorable as possible," said Hall, so they worked to adapt the movements of one of the cutest creatures in the real world, penguins!

Following this description of the film, Hall debuted the first test footage from 'Big Hero 6,' which showed off Hiro, Baymax and their "group of not-so superheroes." From the video, we learn a bit more about the plot:

When Hiro's latest invention, micro-bots, falls into the hands of the still-unknown villain of the film, our hero must dive deep into the San Fransokyo underworld, but he'll need the help of his "group of not-so-superheroes."

The other members of his team are GoGo Tomago (described as a daredevil bike messenger), Wasabi-No Ginger (with a particularly sharp weapon in his arsenal), Honey Lemon (part-time barista and brainiac chemist) and Fred (a fanboy whose comic book knowledge is vital to the team's mission, though he's later mutated into a "friendly monster"). As for Baymax, Hiro modifies him to become an armored battle robot, on whom Hiro flies around.

UPDATE: Get a load of this new look at 'Big Hero 6.'

Big Hero 6

'Big Hero 6' is scheduled for release on November 17, 2014.