As far as former Presidents of the United States go, William Jefferson Clinton likes to talk. He likes to talk a lot. In recent interview with Piers Morgan (where plentiful talking is encouraged), he talked about who he wanted to play him in the inevitable movie adaptation of his life: George Clooney.

There's no Bill Clinton movie on the way (at least not yet), but it makes sense, doesn't it? Bill Clinton was a president known for his charisma and charm, something that Clooney has in spades. Clooney is certainly a better looking man than Clinton, but he's also one of our better looking presidents (ever taken a look at a picture of Millard Fillmore?), so it all makes sense in a Hollywood sort of way.

In the interview, Clinton said that Brad Pitt was too good looking to play him (take that, Clooney, you ugly horror, you!) and that movie magic would be needed to make Clooney look the part. Namely, he'd need make-up to provide the "bulbous things on his nose."

Clinton also knew exactly who'd play his wife, Hillary Clinton: Meryl Streep, of course.