A short film featuring Borderlands 2's newest Vault Hunter, Krieg the Psycho, has been posted by Gearbox Software. We get to see what makes this buzz axe-wielding weirdo tick ahead of his arrival next month.

It turns out, Krieg was knocked out of his psychotic reverie when he took a train to the face. It was then that he laid eyes on Maya, the blue-haired Siren.

Krieg struggled to spout words that weren't pure psychobabble in the hopes that he could get Maya to help him. Despite how pensive and articulate his inner monologue was, he could only let forth a stream of nonsensical outbursts.

When Maya was about to be attacked from behind, he managed to connect the dots and speak almost coherently, warning her of the danger before rushing in to save her with his buzz axe.

So that's how Krieg became the fifth Vault Hunter in Borderlands 2. It's a fun little origin story that gives us a peek into Krieg's soul and lets us look at the man behind the craziness.

You can grab him on June 25 for $9.99 (800MSP) on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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