He’s baaaaaaaaaack.

<Sound of man being stabbed with a ballpoint pen six times, followed by sound of man being swatted eight times by a rolled-up magazine.>

For the first time in eight years, Matt Damon will play the role of Jason Bourne, in next summer’s still-untitled fifth Bourne film.. And, per this tweet by producer Frank Marshall, shooting on Bourne 5 is now officially underway. And, as an added bonus, Marshall snapped a first look at Damon back in the role of Bourne:

Looks like in the interim between films Jason Bourne took up bare knuckle boxing. Maybe watching The Bourne Legacy sent the man over the edge, and the only way to vent his undying rage was to start punching people without boxing gloves on. I mean, I saw The Bourne Legacy, and it made me want to punch someone. I can only imagine how he felt; his name was on that thing.

Bourne 5 will also star Vincent Cassel, Tommy Lee Jones, Julia Stiles, and Alicia Vikander, and it will also reunite Damon with his Bourne 2 and Bourne 3 director Paul Greengrass. At this point, there’s been no indication that the movie will have anything to do with The Bourne Legacy or Jeremy Renner’s character Aaron Cross, even thought he was at one point going to get his own sequel, directed by Fast & Furious’ Justin Lin. That movie was supposed to open in July of next year. But when Damon and Greengrass finally agreed to return for this sequel (one Damon recently described as a story of the “post-Snowden world”) that changed things significantly. And thank goodness it did.

Bourne 5 (or as Frank Marshall calls it “#Bourne2016”) opens in theaters on July 29, 2016.