Regardless of any show-runner drama between 'Breaking Bad' creator Vince Gilligan and AMC, it's heart-breaking to think that 2013 will see the final eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' closing the door on a series that captivated fans and critics alike for years. We'd known the the final eight episodes would air sometime during the summer, as with the previous eight episodes in 2012, but when does 'Breaking Bad' officially kick off its final run? Learn when the final eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad' premiere inside!

UPDATE: HitFix's Alan Sepinwall says AMC has denounced Aaron Paul's 'Breaking Bad' premiere date tweet as "not correct." The final episodes are still expected to debut in the summer, though AMC will not make any official announcement just yet.

We all knew that the meth-addled adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman would have to end sooner or later. How the story will end is another matter, but at least we now know when the final episodes of 'Breaking Bad' will begin. Series star Aaron Paul tweeted out the news late last night, saying “New episodes of Breaking Bad will air July 14th. Get ready to break some s---.”

Presumably, a July 14 premiere would place the eighth and final episode of the series on a series finale air-date of September 1, though that date is subject to change by AMC. Yesterday, series creator Vince Gilligan talked to Vulture of the final run of episodes, explaining “Rightly or wrongly, there will be a conclusive ending. Our story from the beginning has been designed to be close-ended. It’s very much designed to have a beginning, middle, and end and then to exist no more.”

What say you? Are you sad to see 'Breaking Bad' come to the beginning of the end on July 14? How do you think the series will end?

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