Though AMC and 'Breaking Bad's' creative team don't keep things so tightly under wraps as its other Emmy-winning drama 'Mad Men' from season to season, fans of the New Mexican meth drama may be in for some major spoilers as we get closer to the final eight episodes this summer. Bizarre reports have emerged that a script of one of the final eight episodes was stolen from series star Bryan Cranston's car, and has yet to be recovered! Will the ending of 'Breaking Bad' soon be spoiled for all?

Fans of 'The Walking Dead' and such other buzz-worthy series are used to spoilers occasionally leaking out, but 'Breaking Bad's' upcoming series finale could have some serious leaks ahead. According to new leaked reports, series star Bryan Cranston suffered a burglary from his car back in December, and among the items stolen was a script from the final eight episodes of the series airing this summer!

ABC News reveals that the Bernalilo County Sheriff's Office arrested suspect Xavier McAfee for the robbery, but the actual script has yet to be recovered. Earlier in March a tip from a "confidential informant" explained that a bar patron had been overheard bragging about the theft.

AMC has yet to make any kind of statement on the matter, nor are they likely to, but what do you think? Could 'Breaking Bad's' final episodes end up spoiled by a leaked script? What do you think will happen to Walter White in the final eight episodes?