It just about always happens that one of our favorite shows get cancelled, and people start kicking around the idea of wrapping up the narrative with a movie, be it on the big or small screen.  'Bored to Death' was one such travesty that while never flush with break-away popularity, still ended before its time and went unresolved into a premature cancellation.  Still, the question remains, might an HBO movie put a cap on the series?  Ted Danson seems to think so!

Speaking on 'CSI' for the recent Festival de télévision de Monte-Carlo, series star Ted Danson fielded questions about the HBO noir comedy 'Bored to Death,' and its untimely cancellation.  The show ran for 3 seasons, 24 episodes in total, boasting impressive star power with the likes of Danson, Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis alone, before HBO ultimately opted not to renew, along with 'Hung.'

However, on the possibility of a TV movie wrapping up the (somewhat) unresolved series, Danson told one reporter that 'Bored to Death' returning was "fort probable" (highly likely).  Given the hectic schedules of all three leads, and Danson returning to film CSI in July, 'Bored to Death' doesn't seem likely to shoot anytime soon.  Still, Jonathan Ames would never say never.

After all, there was talk of a 'Deadwood' TV movie to wrap up the narrative, though nothing ever materialized.  As some have pointed out, 'Bored to Death' would make for a much cheaper, and attractive prospect for HBO.

What say you?  Do you think there's any hope of seeing Jonathan, Ray and George again, or is 'Bored to Death' better off staying dead?  Give us your take in the comments below!