Sleep depravity would be an understatement in adjusting to the world rocked by last night's 'Breaking Bad' installment "Ozymandias," but the myriad of content detailing production of the historic episode surely helps. Director Rian Johnson has taken to Twitter with a number of behind-the-scenes photos and surprising details from the hour, including a few easter eggs you may not have noticed!

Among the incredible details that went into "Ozymandias" (Spoiler Alert!), the harrowing hour that saw Hank and Gomie literally bite the dust, as Walter White finally alienated his family and left to become the grizzled Denny's diner we know him to be, Johnson revealed that the opening sequence of the episode marked the final wrap on filming for the series. For those too paralyzed to watch the hour (we wouldn't blame you), "Ozymandias" opened with a brief flashback back to Walt and Jesse's first cook out in "To'hajiilee," which tragically paralleled their final showdown.

More than that, eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed a stray pair of khakis lying on the desert floor as Walt rolled his barrel of money through the landscape, intended to be the very pair of Walter's pants that flew off the RV in the pilot, creating the iconic image of Bryan Cranston in tightey-whiteys! And to add insult to injury, remember that Walt rolled the barrel through the desert, the very thing Hank and Gomie chided a then-unknown Jesse and Walt for not realizing to be possible in their initial methylamine heist from season 1.

You can check out the entirety of director Rian Johnson's photos via Twitter, and go behind the scenes of the devastating "Ozymandias" in the video below. Only two episodes remain, so give us your 'Breaking Bad' predictions in the comments!