'Breaking Bad's fifth season is so close we can almost taste it, just over two weeks before the show's July 15 premiere (July 14, for those lucky few attending the panel at Comic-Con 2012!).  And while we haven't seen anything in the way of an official trailer, just a few short snippets, and some good and spoiler-y photos from the season premiere, now we've got a few curious stills from the first three episodes that will turn your world upside down.

As AMC slowly unveils 'Breaking Bad' season 5 before its July 15 air date, new photos from the upcoming season have made their way to the internet!  We'd previously glimpsed some rather telling photos from the July 15 premiere "Live Free or Die" (Seriously?  Mike's back on his feet already?), but now pics have emerged from the second and third episode, "Madrigal" and "Hazard Pay," respectively.

Granted, we don't really know the context of these images, but what's Walter White (Bryan Cranston) got on the table there, seen from one of 'Breaking Bad's infamous POV shots?  And where are Walter and Jesse (Aaron Paul) hanging out in the next episode?  Doing recon for new places to carve out their business, perhaps?

Check out the photos below, and tune in for the 'Breaking Bad' season 5 premiere "Life Free Or Die" on Sunday, July 15!