Ah, Bryan Cranston.  What a glorious, monumental human being.  'Breaking Bad' literally and figuratively blew our faces off with its fourth season finale, the appropriately titled "Face Off," but nothing quite devastated us as much to learn that 'Breaking Bad's' fifth season would be its last.  Whether treated as two individual seasons, or two-halves to a fifth, 'Breaking Bad's forthcoming eight-episode runs will unfortunately be its last. But when can we start watching again?

That said, we expected the drug kingpin Vince Gilligan series to air sometime in the summer, but series star Bryan Cranston has graciously tweeted to us mere mortals that the fifth season will indeed begin airing sometime in July!

The series will enter production once more a mere few weeks from now, and details have been kept tightly under wraps for where the final season will see Walter "Heisenberg" White after his explosive power play - SPOILER ALERT -  took out former drug kingpin Hector "Tio" Salamanca, Gus "The Chicken Man" Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), and his right-hand man Tyrus.

Will hitman Mike (Jonathan Banks) recover from his time in Mexico and seek vengeance on Walter White and Jesse Pinkman?  Will Jesse ever learn it was Walter that poisoned young Brock with the Lily of the Valley flowwer?  Will Skyler (Anna Gunn) discover the fate of Ted Beneke?  And who's going to call Saul?  Someone better call Saul!  Keep your face on, the answers will come!