A few weeks back new photos from 'Breaking Bad's set surfaced depicting a reunion of sorts between lead actor and one-time 'Malcolm in the Middle' star Bryan Cranston, and his then-TV wife Jane Kaczmarek, which naturally sent the rumor mill into overdrive that Kaczmarek would appear in one of the final 'Breaking Bad' episodes. That rumor seems to have been shot down pretty quickly, but what does Kaczmarek herself have to say on the possibility? Find out what led to the 'Malcolm in the Middle' reunion on 'Breaking Bad' inside!

It never felt entirely true to 'Breaking Bad's maturity level to potentially include 'Malcolm in the Middle' co-star Jane Kaczmarek in the acclaimed AMC drama's final eight hours, but the recent rumor quickly dissipated after Dean Norris' Twitter account  showed a photo from the set reuniting Kaczmarek with former TV husband Bryan Cranston. Rumors suggested that Kaczmarek's presence instead pertained to a DVD extra that would feature among the final season's home release, but now Kaczmarek herself has cleared up the truth.

Speaking with HuffPostTV, Kaczmarek stated that a Twitter account purporting to be her and advertising a role in 'Breaking Bad's final season proved false, and in actuality her presence had to do with taking her son to the 'Breaking Bad' set for his birthday. The one-time 'Malcolm in the Middle' star also revealed that while the idea was tossed about, the seriousness and secrecy of the final episodes prevented her from having any actual involvement on-camera.

"I'm not going to be on the show 'Breaking Bad,'" Kaczmarek bluntly states.

Well, what say you? Are you disappointed Kaczmarek has no involvement with the final episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' set to premiere on AMC this summer? How do you think 'Breaking Bad' will end?

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