'Captain America 2,' like the rest of the Marvel family, is bringing back a handful of familiar faces from the first outing for the upcoming 'The Winter Soldier.' Hayley Atwell's Officer Carter, though she will not be a bulky role in the sequel (because, you know, she's dead), has been revealed to return in a "flashback" capacity. So what other stars might be returning? We briefly chatted with Dominic Cooper, a star of the upcoming 'Dead Man Down,' to see if he'd be doing the same.

'Captain America' saw Cooper as Tony Stark's (aka Iron Man) dad, previously played by John Slattery in 'Iron Man' and 'Iron Man 2.' Though the 'Winter Soldier' takes place years after his lifetime, we were wondering if he'd be popping up in a cameo, much like Atwell, who was recently called in to shoot a flashback scene.

While simultaneously promoting his latest film 'Dead Man Down' and filming 'Fleming,' the TV miniseries based on 007 creator Ian Fleming, Cooper chatted with ScreenCrush briefly about some of his future projects. In terms of coming back for 'Captain America 2,' he said:

Yeah, I'm hoping something like that does happen... It's so exciting to work with those guys at Marvel and their passion for their little baby. They have so much excitement and passion for them and all the characters. You never feel like you're not a big part of it. And I think that they'd be really excited to have Howard Stark come back, it's just a matter of whether I can...um... I think it could be something great. Of course, he's set in a different era but there may be a way. Yeah, it's a possibility.

Unfortunately, with the little time I was afforded to speak with Cooper, there wasn't time to press him further on that "um" moment he had, though it sounded like he stopped himself from saying "whether I can work it into my schedule." So perhaps if all works out, we'll be seeing Cooper return, perhaps in a future Marvel installment, as Mr. Stark.

Check back later in the week for our full interview with 'Dead Man Down' star Dominic Cooper, including details on working with the original 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' director Niels Arden Oplev, and leads Noomi Rapace ('Prometheus') and Colin Farrell ('Total Recall'). 

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