The fight over whether Spider-Man should have organic or mechanical web shooters in film / TV adaptations has been ongoing — Sam Raimi went against canon by making Spidey’s web-slinging abilities the result of a mutation, while one of the only thing Marc Webb’s films did right was give the hero mechanical web shooters. But what will Marvel and Sony’s newly rebooted Spider-Man have when he makes his debut in Captain America: Civil War?

Latino Review reports that Spider-Man will have mechanical web shooters when we meet him in Civil War — in fact, they’ll be created for him by Tony Stark. In the Civil War comics, Stark made a new suit for Peter Parker, who initially fought on the side of Iron Man in the titular battle. This won’t be exactly the same in the movie, but if the report is true, Parker will have web shooters created by Stark at the very least.

Sam Raimi caused a bit of an outrage when his version of Spider-Man had organic web shooters that were the result of his mutated DNA instead of the traditional mechanical ones — but Raimi sort of redeemed himself with that choice by delivering two very good Spider-Man movies. Fans should be relieved that Marvel and Sony’s version will be more faithful to canon, in this regard at least.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

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