Konami unveiled a six-minute trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 during its pre-E3 show. We get to see some epic previews of Dracula's adventures in the modern world, and the powers he's gained.

We also find out that the game will be released this winter, so we won't have long to wait until we can sink our teeth into this third and final act in the Lords of Shadow saga.

The trailer, shown above, features Patrick Stewart and Robert Carlyle reprising their roles as Zobek and Gabriel/Dracula. Times have surely changed, meaning that Drac has to get used to being undead and fighting his enemies in the modern world.

His ultimate goal is to be freed from his immortality, which Zobek will help him with, but it won't be easy with the Belmonts breathing down both their necks. Can Drac find the secret in his castle that will give him his wish?

The Mercury Engine will allow Drac to explore the world and transition into other areas seamlessly, without the need for load times. The music is also set to reflect Dracula's emotions, so expect to feel a lot of pain and anguish, as well as anger.

Watch the epic trailer above, and let us know if it gets you pumped for the final Lords of Shadow game. And keep your eyes open for a possible cameo from a fan-favorite character.