It's a dating show with a twist! 'The Choice' has just been greenlit by Fox, with Cat Deeley set to be the host. The premise is that it will be celebrities who get to choose who they go out with, but while being unable to see the contestant. Hopefully proving that love is blind.

Our initial reaction - and why this is so fascinating - is that it's basically 'So You want to Bone a Celebrity?' Then again, with these reality shows, it's hard to say how quality the celebrities will be. With reality shows their celebrities are often someone who was once on MTV's 'Real World,' or perhaps Jaleel White. If one gets a date with him, or even sleeps with the former Urkel, is that really something worth bragging about?

Then again, the Flavor Flav reality dating show 'Flavor of Love' had a lot of success (at first), and it was a fascinating example of people debasing themselves for fleeting fame and the chance to sleep with the most famous man to ever wear a clock around his neck. As this is on network television this probably won't be as leering. As it's on Fox, it's hard to say how classy they can or want to keep it. We heard about this through The Hollywood Reporter.

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