The long-in-the-works remake of 'Red Dawn' premiered at Fantastic Fest the other day (check out our own Matt Singer's review here), but those eagerly anticipating the remake of the 1984 semi-classic will have to wait until November 21 to see it for themselves. If you just can't wait, Ain't It Cool News has premiered a new clip from the film, which you can watch for yourself below.

Those familiar with the original film will recognize the inspiration for this sequence, which depicts a frightening invasion of suburbia by the North Korean army. In fact, this scene perfectly encapsulates what kind of movie 'Red Dawn' is when directly compared to its predecessor. Gone is the original's wild political nerve and tough violence and in its place is an incredibly slick and frequently entertaining action movie. The initial Communist invasion in the '84 version plays like a horror movie (raise your hand if the school being shot up gave you long lasting nightmares), but in the remake, it's a badass car chase that allows Chris Hemsworth to stretch his leading man muscles.

Do you plan to see the new 'Red Dawn' or is the original sacred ground? What do you think of the clip?