As if we haven't seen all there is to see of 'Cloud Atlas' -- what with all the trailers, TV spots, movie stills and posters -- now there's some extra goodies that reveal even more images from The Wachowskis latest big project.

'Cloud Atlas' made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the movie critics in attendance were conveniently split down the middle in terms of whether this film adaptation of the novel can successfully weave together the six seemingly separate story lines. Though, most seemed to agree that 'Cloud Atlas' is worth seeing regardless.

The characters of each line are divided up by time, one set taking place in the distant past, one in the present, one in the far future, etc. To better separate them out so that we can get a definitive feel for who belongs to which timeframe in the movie, Warner Bros. has given some of the time periods their own movie poster banner.

'Cloud Atlas' hits theaters October 26, but until then, check out each of the seven new banners below and see if you can tell which belongs to which story line.