When it comes to ambitious, imaginative sci-fi, Nacho Vigalondo is one of those names people tend to mention. The Spanish director known best for time-travel head scratcher Timecrimes is back with a new movie, this time about a giant monster and the woman who can control it with her mind. Kinda.

The trailer for Colossal is both odd and hilarious, introducing its premise with a mixture of horror and humor. Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, a woman whose depression and alcoholism (fueled by her recent breakup and reconnection with childhood pal and enabler Oscar (Jason Sudeikis)) is causing her life to fall to pieces (not unlike a city being destroyed by a rampaging monster, hmmm). When a huge beast materializes in the city of Seoul, South Korea, she realizes that she alone can control its movements, causing it to raise its arms and to a weird little dance.

It’s obviously a metaphor, equating mental illness with he horror genre in a fun, inventive way. The film premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, at which our Editor in Chief Matt Singer gave it 5 out of 10 stars. In his review, he said, “Colossal works far better as subtext than text. As an expression of an abstract concept about depression and substance abuse, the monster that emerges from a woman’s troubled id holds together. As a function of a monster-movie plot, it doesn’t make much sense, particularly after rules emerge about the creature’s behavior.”

While it didn’t get a theatrical release last year, you can soon see it for yourself as Colossal is scheduled to hit theaters April 7.

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