Well, this is an odd play for the Trade Federation. Just weeks after 'Community' fans had their hearts broken to learn that Donald Glover would take a reduced role in season 5 to focus on his music career as "Childish Gambino," Glover has been announced to return to TV to write, executive producer and star in his own music-themed FX comedy, 'Atlanta.' Cue Troy crying face!

The unexpected development comes to us via Deadline, who reveals that the tentatively titled 'Atlanta' will be set against the backdrop of the Atlanta music scene, true to Glover's own roots. Multiple networks reportedly expressed interest in the project, though Glover ultimately accepted the deal with FX given the network's willing to accommodate his real-life touring schedule.

Considering the creative freedom and scheduling flexibility FX has afforded to such comedy superstars as Louis C.K., we're not entirely surprised to see Glover find a comfortable home with the FX brand. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the actor look to branch out either, given last September saw the ‘Community’ star developing his own NBC sitcom with ’30 Rock’ co-executive producer Matt Hubbard, said to be loosely based on Glover’s own life. That project remained in second position to a potential ‘Community’ renewal, though at the time a fifth season had been considered unlikely by most sources.

We would presume that 'Atlanta' would take precedence over Glover returning for a potential 'Community' season 6, but for now, we'll let the cookie crisps crumble where they may. In the meantime, tell us in the comments if you're interested to see Donald Glover bring Childish Gambino to TV with FX's 'Atlanta,' or if you'd prefer to see Troy Barnes register for another semester at Greendale!