It's hard to say whether or not 'Community' could ever live up to its promise of "Six Seasons and a Movie," but the latest promo for 'Community' season 4 is certainly a good start. In advance of the long-anticipated February 7 premiere, 'Community' has taken to doing what it does best, parodying movies in their 'A Good Day to Die Hard'-style teaser of the upcoming season. What season 4 secrets are revealed within? New 'Community' scoop inside!

At long last, we're less than a week from the season 4 premiere of 'Community,' originally scheduled for October 19. The new season will only consist of 13 episodes given the NBC scheduling, but hopefully they won't prove the last for our beloved Greendale gang, once again expertly parodying the movies in the latest season 4 promo.

Taking a cue from 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' the new 'Community' spot previews the bit of "Changnesia" we've seen before, as well as upcoming episodes that will see the gang in a number of new costumes, from German garb to Abed (Danny Pudi) curiously dressed as Samara from 'The Ring.' And let'ts not forget a fresh look at Malcom McDowell as the gang's new "History 101" teacher Professor Cornwallis!

Elsewhere, we know that ‘Community’s' fourth season will see ‘Seinfeld’ star Jason Alexander in a mysterious role, guest turns from Brie Larson, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ vet Tricia Helfer, ‘Bridesmaids’ star Matt Lucas and Hollywood icon James Brolin as Jeff (Joel McHale)’s father.

Take a look at the latest 'Community' season 4 spot below, and tell us if you'll tune in for the new season beginning February 7!