Community’’s six seasons and a movie grow closer to fruition every day, and though Greendale will have some new blood in its first Yahoo Screen season, talk naturally turns to some major character returns. We thought we’d said goodbye to Pierce Hawthorne last year, but Chevy Chase seems to think he’ll be back for a cameo!

We took this one with a grain of salt at first, as it’s easy to imagine Chevy Chase confusing a question from his recent Reddit AMA, replying to inquiries of a return appearance that “I will be in a small cameo at the beginning of Community and if they ask me to come back and do one or two appearances, it’s a possibility.” If you’ll recall, Chase put in a (fairly) surprise appearance at the beginning of season 5, the first with Dan Harmon back at the helm, which saw Pierce as a hologram memorial before the character’s death became an actual plot point.

Chase might potentially have mixed up his reply by referring to season 5, though the plot thickens somewhat as a Sony TV representative relayed to TVLine that the former Pierce Hawthorne ““is not confirmed to appear in Season 6 at this time.” At this time. Not only that, but Dan Harmon doesn’t seem as quick to shoot down the possibility over Twitter, as we’ve seen with other rumors in the past. Something to consider, at least.

Elsewhere, we know of ‘Community’ season 6 that creator Dan Harmon and executive producer Chris McKenna will remain at the helm, while cast members Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, and Ken Jeong have all signed on to return. Harmon suggested that John Oliver could potentially return as ‘Last Week Tonight’ allowed, while any inclusion of Donald Glover might be reserved for the seemingly inevitable movie. We’ll at least have Keith David and Paget Brewster arriving to fill the gap of Yvette Nicole Brown’s departure, along with a few other ‘Clue’-less cameos to enjoy.

Captain America’ directors Joe and Anthony Russo will return to helm the premiere, while Harmon himself has suggested we might see the ‘Community’ season 6 in early 2015. Production is also expected to keep the series in a weekly format, rather than Netflix’s “all at once” model.

In the meantime, what say you? Would you want to see Chevy Chase return to ‘Community’ once more, even only in cameo? What do you hope to see by the Greendale gang’s 2015 return?

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