A few weeks ago, word of NBC’s early Constantine cancellation was met by slight backpedal and a firm insistence from creator Daniel Cerone that the Hellblazer might yet live. Tragically, NBC’s Constantine has officially conjured its last, for serious this time.

Despite valiant attempts to spread that #SaveConstantine hashtag and movement over the past few months, Cerone tweeted the news himself, albeit with a bit of hope underlying.

When last we heard, executive producer Cerone claimed of Constantine’s fate that the writing staff would pitch Season 2 ideas in late April, though NBC decided against saving the DC drama. Constantine at least maintained a sizable social media presence, and significant growth in airing Syfy reruns, but given NBC’s current state, it seemed unlikely the network would take any measured risks.

Pour one out for John Constantine, ya’ll. If the show has taught us nothing else, dead is hardly dead in the Hellblazer world.

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