Dovetailing off some more cool San Diego Comic-Con news, we're featuring a member of the new Team Avatar from 'The Legend of Korra' today. Let's give a warm, Cosplay of the Day welcome to Ms. Asami Sato.

Ms. Sato is a young businesswoman who has taken over her father's role as head of their company, Future Industries. She gets involved with Team Avatar after running into Mako, one of the members who is part of the Fire Ferrets pro-bending team. She starts a romantic relationship with Mako, much to Korra's chagrin, but is later rebuffed when Mako realizes his feelings for Korra. She is, however, accepted into the team once she turns against her father who was plotting with the Equalists, which were anti-bending terrorists.

Here is KOCosplay in Asami's riding outfit. Since Future Industries develops many different kinds of technologies, like cars, Asami is a bit of an expert when it comes to driving, which explains why she's almost always sporting goggles. Her dark tresses and glowing green eyes perfectly match that of the character's.

See more of KOCosplay's creations, which include a great number of video game cosplays, on her deviantART. And let us know if you'd take a ride with this member of Team Avatar!

Cantera Cosplay
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Cantera Cosplay
Cantera Cosplay

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