Yesterday we featured Catwoman cosplay, so today it only makes sense to focus on another black cat -- the Black Cat, actually.

Manzi DeYoung is a special effects fabricator living in Los Angeles, who creates her own costume designs based on characters she loves like this fantastic Black Cat cosplay based on the character Felicia Hardy from 'Spider-Man.'

It's a common cosplay idea, and we've seen a lot of them, but we were drawn to Manzi's take because her creation is more simple in execution and embraces the details while keeping it muted, choosing a flat fabric over the typical shiny vinyl that so many use when bringing Black Cat to life. Manzi is a former model (we believe it), who left modeling to pursue an education in illustration, which led her to discover her real passion: costume design.

A quick primer for those unfamiliar: Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, first showed up in 'Spider-Man' comics back in 1979. She's the daughter of a famous cat burglar (obviously), who trained herself in acrobatics and combat before deciding to take up the family business. She's such a great female character to identify with too -- in college, Felicia was victim to a sexual assault, and began training herself vigorously so she could take revenge, but when her assailant was killed in a drunk driving accident, she decided to become a burglar like her father and put her training to good use. She's not just a pretty face and a fiercely drawn body, guys -- she's kiiiind of a badass, too.

Check out some photos of Manzi in her Black Cat cosplay below, then head over to her official site to check out some more!

All photos courtesy Max Song

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