Everyone wants to be Black Widow, but only a few cosplayers have the moxie to really pull it off. We love this cosplayer's take, inspired by Scarlett Johansson in 'The Avengers.'

Rayi is an IT developer from Germany who only recently started doing cosplay about five years ago, when she was just 15. Now 20, Rayi has put together some great costumes -- you should really check out her cosplay of Professor X from 'X-Men: First Class.'

But we're here to talk about Rayi's awesome Black Widow cosplay, inspired by Scarlett Johansson's character in 'The Avengers.' It takes a special, kick-ass lady to fight alongside a bunch of superhero dudes, so it takes a special cosplayer to imitate Black Widow. Most of the Black Widow cosplays we see are overtly sexy, and while it's fun to be sexy sometimes, that's not everything Black Widow is about. She's also just as talented, tough and smart as her male counterparts -- if not smarter because she doesn't have superpowers like some of her 'Avengers' friends.

Rayi made the costume herself, and while she doesn't provide details, it appears she's used a flexible wet suit material for the body suit, embellished with buckles and straps. Check out some pics of Rayi as Black Widow below, or head over to her DeviantArt page for more.

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