We don't really know what "Prancercise" is, and even after watching this hilarious video of a Thor cosplayer doing it, we're still not sure. But watching the God of Thunder do silly exercises in public is still pretty awesome.

Ryan Frye is a cosplayer who looks almost exactly like Thor. So much so, that he's made that his cosplay mainstay and has a YouTube channel called EveryDayThor. In EveryDayThor, we get to watch Thor do, well, everyday human people things. He eats, he talks about movies, he dances with Spider-Man and he goes on carousel rides.

In his latest video, Thor enters the world of fitness and teaches us about Prancercise, which is apparently where you whimsically prance around in public and somehow this makes you fit. Hey, if it'll give us a body like Thor's, why not?

And if you were thinking, "Man, I wish there were some GIFs of this video," the internet is way ahead of you. Enjoy the video of Thor getting some silly exercise, and check out the GIF set below.

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