The “Crazy” in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been a point of contention from the series’ start, but Season 3 is looking awfully Fatal Attraction. Rebecca Bunch is a woman scorned in the first teaser, and no pretzel is safe.

The fan-favorite CW musical comedy debuted its first official teaser for Season 3, which dials up the “Crazy” after Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) left our beloved Bex (Rachel Bloom) at the altar in Season 2’s finale. Never has a walk from the drug story, or a hearty mirror laugh filled us with such dread.

Elsewhere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3, itself set for an October 13 premiere, we know the series will once again feature a new theme song and opening credits, this time directed by Taylor Swift music video veteran Joseph Kahn. Josh Groban will also appear in Season 3 with a guest role as “a mysterious and helpful stranger,” who will of course sing a jaunty tune.

We’ll hear more of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 in the coming weeks, but check out the teaser above, and be very, very afraid.

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