Just last week, Sylvester Stallone — make that Golden Globe award-winner Sylvester Stallone — tossed out some ideas for a Creed sequel, which didn’t seem so far-fetched given the critical and commercial success of Creed. As expected, today comes word that MGM has their sights set on a 2017 release for the sequel, which may very well happen without one key ingredient: director Ryan Coogler.

Following Stallone’s Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actor in Creed, MGM CEO Gary Barber tells Variety that he’s put Creed 2 on the fast track, targeting a November 2017 release date. And although Barber says that date isn’t necessarily immovable, it doesn’t seem likely that Ryan Coogler will be back to direct, given that he’s in talks to helm Marvel’s Black Panther solo film — which has a 2018 release date.

Coogler obviously can’t direct both films at the same time, and while many directors have taken on two consecutive film projects in the same year, Marvel’s production requirements would make things a bit more difficult for Coogler to juggle two blockbuster films.

Stallone recently said “There’s a diminishing time acceptance of a sequel,” noting that three years would be too long, alluding to Coogler’s potential commitments to Marvel, though he did add that it’s likely the director could stay on as an executive producer and remain involved with the sequel.

The actor’s ideas for Creed 2 involve potentially bringing Carl Weathers back to reprise his role as Apollo Creed, with the sequel actually serving as a sort of prequel story — though it’s unclear how on earth anyone would manage to make that work. Stallone compared the concept to The Godfather Part II, and said that the sequel would involve both the past and present.

Michael B. Jordan would also presumably return as the son of Apollo Creed, though for our money, we’d rather see a straight sequel that follows the next chapter of the younger Creed’s career.

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