Tom Hiddleston, despite being an otherwise extremely pleasant and lovely human being, has a habit of playing some evil dudes. There’s Loki, from The Avengers, Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive, and now Thomas Sharpe in Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. What do directors see in this charming actor to cast him as an antihero? Is he secretly a monster? Does he hate Beyoncé and puppies? We caught up with Hiddleston recently to talk about Crimson Peak and to get to the bottom of this mystery.


We also couldn’t resist asking Hiddleston about his upcoming work on Kong: Skull Island and his thoughts on the plans to cross over his King Kong movie with Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla films.

Stay tuned for much more from Crimson Peak later this week, including interviews with Jessica Chastain and Guillermo del Toro!

Crimson Peak opens in theaters this Friday.

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