Any Curb Your Enthusiam fan well-knows that Larry David comes and goes as he pleases, with HBO extending open invitations to return whenever the Seinfeld creator has a new idea. We thought we’d made peace with waiting, but a new report suggests David has begun discussing a possible Curb movie, if not a new season.

Take this one with the usual salts (last we heard, Jeff Garlin gave slightly better than 50/50 odds Curb would return), but according to The Rich Eisen Show staff member Chris Law (h/t Uproxx), Curb Season 8 writer and The League co-creator Jeff Schaffer recently met with David to map out future projects. The topics of discussion on hand? Well …

For what it’s worth, Schaffer has also recently teased to Complex some notable secret projects in the works, saying “There are a few things we got cooking that I wish we could tell you, but we can’t.” That’s hardly a guarantee, considering David himself said in 2014 that a ninth season was unlikely, but then again, David also has a history of shorter-form content for HBO.

Both a Curb Your Enthusiasm movie and a new season seem like a stretch, but which should we hope Larry David is indeed working toward?

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