Look, we’ve all heard some pretty out-there pitches in TV land over the years, where once upon a time Sharknado was a nonsense word. The CW too has been guilty of this, and if “Sexy Mary, Queen of Scots“ can work, why not a gritty, “hyper-stylized” and dystopian take on Little Women? Okay, we may need a minute with this one.

Per Deadline, we’re inclined to let this one speak for itself:

Little Women is described as a hyper-stylized, gritty adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott, in which disparate half-sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy band together in order to survive the dystopic streets of Philadelphia and unravel a conspiracy that stretches far beyond anything they have ever imagined – all while trying not to kill each other in the process.

And where, you ask, could such a lucrative reinvention of the classic Little Women novel shared universe have come from? Why, “rising writer” Alexis Jolly, NCIS co-star Michael Weatherly and CBS TV Studios, of course! both Jolly and Weatherly also executive produce, though given the early state of the 2015-2016 development process, we’re content to back away slowly, and let this one percolate on its own.

ln short? Nope. Gritty Little Women! Nope, nope, nope. Dystopian Philadelphia! The novel was set in Massachusetts.