ScreenCrush’s WookieeLeaks is a weekly roundup of everything Star Wars! From The Force Awakens, to the upcoming spinoffs and the TV shows, if it pertains to that long ago, far away galaxy, we’re covering it here, bringing you our expert analysis. This week, learn a big (possible) The Force Awakens spoiler, learn the future of how the saga will be shot, and take a look at C-3PO’s new arm.

The Future of Star Wars Will Be on Film and Digital

J.J. Abrams choosing to shoot Star Wars: The Force Awakens on 35mm film was a big deal and it remains a big deal. As any serious film fan will tell you (and boy, they were really tell you), there’s something truly magical about film that digital cinematography can’t quite capture. Film may be expensive and a huge pain in the rear end, but do yourself a favor and compare the shot-on-film The Empire Strikes Back to the shot-digitally Attack of the Clones. Tell us which one looks like a real movie.

Anyway, filmmakers like Abrams are keeping film alive and essentially being the closest thing Hollywood has to saints. And it looks like Star Wars: Episode 8 director Rian Johnson is going to stay on that course. When responding to a question on Twitter, he confirmed that his sequel will be shot on good old fashioned 35mm:

This is cool for a number of reasons (because film is magic, etc), but it also means that Star Wars: Episode 8 will have visual continuity with The Force Awakens. Suddenly switching to digital would drive snobs like us totally bonkers.

While the core Star Wars movies seem to be embracing film, Gareth Edwards’ anthology film Star Wars: Rogue One is going digital. But it’s going, like, super-digital. It’s going to utilize the new Alexa 65, a 6K digital camera:

Parts of Star Wars: Rogue One and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation were shot with Arri’s Alexa 65, a large format, 6K resolution model of Arri’s popular Alexa camera that is available exclusively through Arri Rental.

Many cinematographers are in line to get their hands on one of the still limited number of the new cameras, which really dazzled when unwrapped last fall, using test footage lensed by cinematographer Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty), who’s using it on Rogue One (the production is also using film).

As part of a partnership with Imax, Arri is also co-developing a version of the Alexa 65 for Imax production. Avengers: Infinity War is set to be shot with it in its entirety, and Captain America: Civil War will also use the Alexa 65 for an Imax format.

This feels right. The main Star Wars series can stick with film and the anthologies can be the place where interesting and bold filmmakers can experiment with interesting and bold technology. Abrams and Johnson and whoever follows them should keep the core movies in a slightly more traditional mold because they’re the foundation of the entire franchise. But the anthologies? Let some crazy people run wild and see what happens.

General The Force Awakens Chatter (and Possible Spoilers)

A few weeks ago, Billie Lourd made it perfectly clear to all of the prying journalists and bloggers that no, she is not playing a young Princess Leia in a flashback in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So unless she’s lying (this is a J.J. Abrams joint, after all), we’ll go ahead and believe her until we hear otherwise.

But maybe she’s playing Leia’s daughter? After all, she’s Carrie Fisher’s actual, real-life daughter, so that would be some fun casting.

But (according to new interview that you can read right here) no:

“This is the first job I’ve ever had — right into the fire,” Lourd told Interview of the top-secret “Star Wars” project. While she declined to share details about her character, she was quick to shoot down rumors linking her to Fisher’s iconic Princess Leia, who will also return in the new film.

“I’m not Princess Leia’s daughter,” she said.

At this point, we’re starting to think that Lourd is playing a tiny, inconsequential role in the film. Probably little more than a cameo. Heck, maybe Fisher requested that she be cast in a small role so she could hang out with her daughter on set. In that case: awwww.

Let’s now move our attention to something we can actually see and comprehend. Someone bought a canned drink in Mexico depicting C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8. This would  already be noteworthy because it appears to be the first piece of official merchandise to put all of the droids together in one place, but take a closer look:

Yep, C-3PO has a red arm now.

It makes sense! 30 years have passed since the events of Return of the Jedi, so it makes sense that everyone’s favorite snobby protocol droid would suffer some wear and tear. And this is the Star Wars universe – everything is a little rag-tag and rusty. It seems that, at some point in the past three decades, C-3PO needed a new arm and the only one on hand didn’t quite match. After all, if the returning humans are going to show their age then the droids should be a little creaky, too.

And this is where we dip our toe into some possible spoilers. Nothing is confirmed, but we are going to blindly speculate about a possibly untrue rumor. Feel free to avert your eyes.

Daisy Ridley has been doing early press for The Force Awakens in Japan and she had a very interesting response when someone asked about the parentage of her character, Rey:

I’m not sure how much I can say. I guess because I’ve said that I’m solitary, and that’s how I begin, that is probably a big clue as to what… it is.

The mere fact that Ridley has to dance around her character’s parents speaks volumes. That means she is the daughter of someone in the film. Maybe she’s a Skywalker or maybe, as has been heavily rumored before, she’s a Solo. After all, if you break down her answer, she says Rey is “solitary” and then calls that a “big clue,” so, you know, do with that what you will.

If Rey is a secret Solo and Adam Driver’s villainous Kylo Ren is also a secret Solo (another popular rumor), then the general shape of the new trilogy is starting to form before our eyes. If the original trilogy was about a father at war with his son, this one may be about a sister at war with her brother.

Secret Cinema Wants to Put You in The Empire Strikes Back

Secret Cinema is a still relatively new group who puts on elaborate screenings of movies that are designed to cater to hardcore fans. Let’s elaborate on elaborate – last year, they screened Back to the Future in a highly detailed recreation of Hill Valley and encouraged everyone to show up in costume. There was tons of actors filling the space and additional forms of entertainment all over the place. 80,000 people showed up. It was genuinely impressive.

Of course, the only way to top that is to screen The Empire Strikes Back in an environment that has that same level of insane detail. Tickets are on sale now and they have already bumped the film into the U.K.’s box office top 10. That’s crazy.

The exact location of the screening has yet to be revealed, but it has been apparently assembled and is undergoing testing because photos from the venue have begun to trickle online. It’s hard to pin down if the setting is a single area from The Empire Strikes Back or a hodge-podge of various Star Wars locations. The photos seems to feature a cantina and what appears to be the interior of an Imperial ship, so who knows? In any case, if you live in England (or can get there in time for this event), you should go and report back to us and make us all really jealous and so on and so forth.