Ahead of E3 2013, Namco Bandai has confirmed Dark Souls 2 will be coming out in March 2014.

Originally leaked by a giant banner now hanging outside the LA Convention Center, Namco confirmed the news to Eurogamer on Monday morning. The reveal comes just as a whole host of concept art for the upcoming sequel was leaked on Polygon's forums.

While unconfirmed, the art (by Cron Zhang) definitely has a Dark Souls vibe about it, particularly the imagery of the knight Namco reworked a bit before it made the cover of Edge magazine. Some of Zhang's artwork can be seen in the official concept art From Software used, but it's unclear just how much of what was leaked is representative of the final game.

The good news is there's only a short time left until we find out a lot more about Namco's plans for Dark Souls 2, and hopefully learn just what lies in wait in the brutal RPG.