Are you tired of movies based on young adult novels about dystopian futures? No? Good -- because Disney has just hired director David Slade to tackle 'Matched,' based on the YA novel by Ally Condie, and surprise! It's about a dystopian future society!

According to Deadline, the House of Mouse has just signed David Slade to direct 'Matched,' based on the young adult fiction novel by Ally Condie. The story takes place in a dystopian future society, which is apparently the only kind of society suitable for tweens (accurate). Cassia Reyes lives in a world where algorithms are used to determine who its citizens will marry when they turn 17, so it's sort of like if eHarmony were given the power of legislation.

The matches show up on items called "microcards," but Cassia has two matches on hers -- scandal! And one of them is what her society deems an "aberration" -- double scandal! Cassia starts spending time with both of her suitors, Ky and Xander, and tries to figure out the man with whom she's truly meant to be.

'Matched' bears all the hallmarks of modern young adult fiction: dystopian future society with limited choice (also known as "Mitt Romney's Happy Place"), science-fiction elements, and most importantly, love. You know, all that stuff kids really care about these days. Noticeably absent: Taylor Swift and Facebook.

Slade is best known for directing 'Hard Candy,' '30 Days of Night,' and 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.'