DC bases are pretty well covered between Gotham, Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and soon-to-be time-hopping Legends of Tomorrow, that even the most outlandish of characters can seemingly find their way to live action. Case in point, a new mystery as DC bigwig Geoff Johns says at least one of the above series may feature the future-flung Legion of Super-Heroes in an upcoming episode.

Per TVLine, Johns kept mum as to which series would feature (or at least nod to) the futuristic team, saying at the TCA press tour that “You’ll see a hint of the Legion on one of our shows. Keep watching.” Johns himself wrote a Smallville episode that featured Legion team members Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, but which of the five series might meet the team?

Certainly Supergirl seems like a possibility, given the cosmic nature of the team, and a number of comic stories associating Supergirl with the group, though Legends of Tomorrow proves an equally valid guess, given all the time-hopping back an forth. Certainly The Flash traffics in future-tales as well, but who knows? Maybe Gotham wants to start getting weird. Well, weirder.

In the meantime, Supergirl, Flash and Arrow will all return next week, followed by the series premiere of Legends of Tomorrow. Check out all the new trailers below, but who might garner a visit from the Legion of Super-Heroes?

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