Those worried the move of Dead Rising 3 to a more open-world action experience would mean less of the series' trademark psychopaths may have nothing to worry about. New leaked details indicate the crazy bosses will be back, and more loony than ever.

There will be at least three distinct psychopaths in Dead Rising 3, according to Siliconera's sources. Shifu is a humble blue-collar man, with only his Zen garden left to keep him happy during the outbreak. Protagonist Nick disturbs the peace, and will have to take down Shifu when confronted.

Nick will also encounter Jerry, a female bodybuilder he confuses for a man. This then brings on another battle, where Jerry will have weights at her disposal to try and take Nick out for insulting her. There will be an unnamed motorcycle gang leader, who welcomes the zombie apocalypse. His chopper is outfitted with a steam roller wheel.

Unfortunately, there's also a lazy, rich gamer, named Trent, Nick will find in a mansion. Trent has been oblivious to the outbreak since he's been gaming so hard, and doesn't want to be rescued until he finishes the game he's playing. Trent is also discovered in a pool of chips and soda. Hooray for lazy characterization.

In the past, Siliconera did unveil the protagonist for Dead Rising 3 would be a mechanic, what he would look like, and that Dead Rising 3 would take place in Los Perdidos, so there is reason to trust this information. Whether or not all of these bosses make the final cut remains to be seen, but at least a few of the encounters sound promising.