Information about Dead Rising 3's first downloadable content add-on, Operation Broken Eagle, and an upcoming demo has been released by Capcom.

According to a post on Polygon, the DLC will be called Operation Broken Eagle and will task players with trying to locate the President of the United States amidst the zombie chaos.

Instead of controlling protagonist Nick Ramos, players will take on the role of Spec Ops commander Adam Kane. This piece of DLC includes the mission to find the POTUS, five new weapons, a new weapon combo, a new vehicle, a new outfit and more Gamerscore points.

You can grab Operation Broken Eagle for $9.99. If you have the Season Pass, you'll get access to all four of the upcoming DLC add-ons for $29.99.

Haven't played Dead Rising 3 but would like to check it out first before buying? Well, Capcom Vancouver is releasing a limited demo that will allow prospective players to explore the Ingleton district in Los Perdidos. The demo will offer two 20-minute sessions of player per Xbox Live Gamertag.

Check out the first screenshot from Operation Broken Eagle above and sign up for the mission.