More Dead Rising 3 details have supposedly surfaced, this time indicating some familiar faces might find their way into the Xbox One-exclusive sequel.

According to Siliconera, Isabella Keyes and Chuck Greene will reappear in Dead Rising 3. Isabella first appeared in the original Dead Rising as a survivor, and had a brief cameo in Dead Rising 2: Case West. Chuck Greene was last seen in Dead Rising 2, but there's little information about his role in this sequel.

Just because the former protagonist will make an appearance in the new entry doesn't mean Nick Ramos won't be the star of the show. Capcom is reportedly committed to the mechanic, and any and all appearances from other Dead Rising cast members is purely motivated by story or fan service.

It's interesting to see Capcom is keeping the world so tightly-knit, but it should certainly make sense for survivors like these to encounter one another, particularly when so many other denizens are (un)dead.