Capcom Vancouver's Josh Bridge sat down with IGN to play through the opening 25 minutes of Dead Rising 3, and you can see the Xbox One exclusive in all its glory right here.

Picking up three days after the outbreak began in Los Perdidos, Dead Rising 3's opening chapter begins with Nick a little worse for the wear. He's on the outskirts of the city, searching some abandoned quarantine areas for supplies, and scrounging up all the food he can, even old-ass stale bagels.

The tutorial area shows off a bit of inventory management and the different tools and attacks you'll have at your disposal, at least early in Dead Rising 3. Things start to pick up around the 8-minute mark, when the zombies start showing up. Soon Nick begins making his way to the city center, though the hordes and masses of undead are probably going to make his ingress tougher than normal.

Check out the full playthough to get an idea of what's waiting for you in Dead Rising 3. The zombie-filled sequel launches alongside the Xbox One on Nov. 22.