Following its record-breaking and pleasantly surprising run at the box office, Deadpool is getting ready to invade your home on DVD and Blu-ray this May. We won’t get an unrated director’s cut of the Merc With a Mouth’s solo outing, and although bonus feature details are not yet available, you can go ahead and pre-order your very own copy of the anti-superhero’s hit film right now. As in, right this moment. You go do that. I’ll wait here.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds made the announcement on Twitter, revealing that the X-Men spinoff is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on May 10. You can pre-order your copy at Amazon, though Reynolds cautions that the special edition Laserdisc and VHS copies do not actually exist:

Deadpool recently outgrossed The Maxtrix Reloaded to become the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, worldwide. It’s also currently the highest-grossing superhero film of the year, though that will likely change with the release of Captain America: Civil War on May 6 — just four days before Deadpool arrives on Blu-ray. That’s going to be a pretty great few days for you.

Directed by Tim Miller, Deadpool also stars Morena Baccarin as Vanessa Carlysle, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Ed Skrein as Ajax and T.J. Miller as Weasel. Fox is currently developing a sequel, though no release date has been announced just yet.

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