Just the other day, Ryan Reynolds revealed that he’s been fighting with Fox over the rating for Deadpool, which he (and many other fans) firmly believes should be rated R. That’s been the big Deadpool question this week, and now it appears we have an unequivocal answer thanks to the magic of the April Fools’ holiday and one very special interview with Reynolds himself.

JoBlo “exclusively” reported that
Deadpool was receiving a PG-13 rating, while Reynolds took to Twitter to hint at this disappointing news:

Given the holiday, many were skeptical, and they had every right to be. In the above special interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez, the host and former A.C. Slater asks Reynolds a little about the character before getting into the issue of the film’s rating. It is a superhero movie after all, and Lopez expresses pleasure with Reynolds and Fox for wanting to keep the film family-friendly, even though Deadpool is a bit of a morally questionable hero.

That’s when Deadpool himself makes a special cameo appearance in the studio, knocking Lopez out before Reynolds officially declares that the film is most definitely rated R. I’m not typically one for film-related April Fools’ jokes, but that video is something pretty special. Fans everywhere, rejoice.

Deadpool hits theaters (with a whole bunch of profanity and violence) on February 12, 2016.