2015 was a banner year for composers with make-believe names. A man referring to himself as “T-Bone” composed the gorgeous, delicate score for Todd Haynes’ Carol and earned an Oscar nomination, while the mysterious musician known as Disasterpeace (or to his mother, Rich Vreeland) made splash with his chilling, aggressive It Follows soundtrack.

But nobody had as much success as Junkie XL, who is not a competitor in a futuristic video game but Tom Holkenborg, frequent composer for Hollywood big shots. His work filled the silences in Black MassRun All Night, and the Point Break remake, but he truly wowed audiences with the high-octane accompaniment to Mad Max: Fury Road, with the flame-spewing guitar licks of Coma the Doof Warrior his piece de resistance.

He’s been tapped once more to drum up a score (music humor!) for Deadpool, currently approaching its release a week from tomorrow. The full score has already been made available for physical-media purchase through Milan Records, but today, curious parties can get a little taste of what this Junkie’s slinging with a few samples from the upcoming soundtrack.

The clips eschews the orchestral BWAAAAAAM of Hans Zimmer for a meandering sense of electronic menace that transitions into robust action; the string line smacks of superheroism, but the bit leading into it is more characteristic of Holkenborg’s signature sound. He’s been dabbling with more traditional soundtracking tropes as he’s moved into studio tentpoles (he collaborated with Zimmer on the score for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman), but always manages to retain his trademark electronica. For Deadpool, one of this winter season’s strangest wild cards, one aspect has come to light. Now, all that’s left is to figure out what the movie is going to be like.