Ah, Deep Blue Sea. On the one hand, it’s a cheesy movie about killer sharks with a cast of actors  —  Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, LL Cool J  —  who, although talented, aren’t exactly setting the industry on fire right now. On the other hand, though, it’s undeniably one of the most fun shark movies of them all. That Samuel L. Jackon speech! Those shark attacks! LL Cool J keeps talking to his parrot! What more could you want out of a silly blockbuster than the type of goofball energy that Renny Harlin and his crew brought to bear for the original film?

And now, according to a new report by Moviehole (via /Film), we’re finally going to get a low-budget sequel. Moviehole reports that Deep Blue Sea 2 is currently filming in Cape Town, Africa, and will be released as a television movie on SyFy sometime in the near future. The film will be directed by independent filmmaker Darin Scott (Tales From the Crib) and will feature actor Michael Beach, best known for his recurring role on CW’s The 100. Scott and Beach have previously worked together on a film called Megachurch Murder, and everybody knows you can’t buy chemistry like that.

This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to greenlight a sequel to Deep Blue Sea, of course. Earlier this year, Birth.Movies.Death. interviewed Asylum filmmaker Jack Perez, who recalled pitching Warner Bros. on an action-packed sequel that involved a group of soldiers breaking into an underwater compound where they fought  —  and this is not a joke  —  sharks with machine guns on their head. To hear Perez describe it, the whole movie would’ve blended together the squad-based action of Predator with the absurdity he’s known for as a filmmaker. Nobody knows yet if Perez’s treatment will be used as the basis of Deep Blue Sea 2, but here’s hoping it will be, right? I mean, right?

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