Mark Wahlberg‘s latest character is a father, an explorer, and a man who “tames the dinosaurs.”

No, Wahlberg isn’t starring in the next Jurassic World, but he is leading a biopic depicting a recent American tragedy. In Deepwater Horizon, dinosaurs of just the analogy Wahlberg’s character uses to describe his oil rigging job to his 10-year-old daughter. The film, directed by Long Survivor‘s Peter Berg, dramatizes the events of the BP oil spill that killed 11 crewmen off the Gulf of Mexico in April of 2010. The teaser trailer jumps between scenes of the men aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig and Wahlberg’s daughter demonstrating the the horrific explosion with a Coca-cola can on her kitchen table. Wahlberg, along with Kurt Russell and John Malkovich, look alarmingly concerned on board the rig as the blowout looms closer, as Wahlberg and his wife, played by Kate Hudson, dotingly listen to their daughter’s kid-friendly metaphor back home.

Previously released photos from the film show more of the cast, including Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez, looking worried and distraught in what is no doubt a very-intense-Wahlberg-American-drama. Deepwater Horizon opens September 30th.

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