Even though Bungie's Destiny isn't coming out this year, the developer is still pushing out new content to help us see what the world and characters of the sci-fi shooter will look like when the game is completed. As pretty as these new concept images are, it's just too bad we still don't know what Destiny will look like in action.

It was a big deal when Bungie finally lifted the curtain off Destiny earlier this year, but the Halo creators have been keeping a lot of the game's more telling details close to the vest. That said, what we've been shown so far in regards to the look of the game has been nothing short of breathtaking.

The new concept art released shows off some rather stunning environments, all of which are incredibly varied. It sure beats the endless corridors we're used to seeing from the genre. The same could be said of the armored characters, which have become all too common in first-person shooters. At least here, Bungie is putting a new twist on the classic formula.

One day we'll get to see all of this through the eyes of our own avatars, but for now, enjoy these glimpses into the wild, wonderful world of Destiny.