Earlier today, we caught our first glimpse at 'Dexter' season 7 in the form of a brand-spanking-new teaser trailer!  The problem was, those friendly folk at Showtime thought it would be a bloody good gag if they zoomed through all of the new footage at hyper-speed, preventing us from seeing anything substantial!

Have no fear!  How would you like to see all the tantalizing new footage, slowed down and screen-capped?

Those crafty people at Showtime have not defeated our thirst for 'Dexter' season 7 footage.  We've managed to comb through the sped-up trailer in order to pick out all the juicy bits!  You'll see lots of confrontations between Dexter and Deb (sure to happen when you find out your brother's a serial killer), as well as return appearances by Dexter fanatic Louis Green, babysitter Jamie, and some seriously creepy spaghetti!

The new season of 'Dexter' will premiere on Sunday, September 30 right before the season 2 premiere of intelligence drama 'Homeland.'  We're going to break down each image from the new 'Dexter' season 7 teaser below, so tell us in the comments if you noticed anything in particular that we might have missed!

Because even serial killers need gas.  But what's got Dexter so down and out?  Florida gas prices?

We've glimpsed this image before, which we're taking to mean that Debra at least accepts her brother's murderous tendencies long enough to help bury the evidence of killing Travis Marshall, burning down the Doomsday Killer's church.

How I met your mother!  We've known all about Dexter's mother Laura Moser for quite some time, but we've never gotten much in the way of Harry's wife, and Deb's mother Doris, who died when Deb was 16.  Who's ready for some flashbacks?

Returning to the scene of the crime, ay?  After two of its own both killed the Doomsday Killer and burnt down his lair, Miami Metro investigates what remains of their most recent foe.

Good thing Deb's keeping her composure long enough to explain the fire to news crews.  Wait, has she not even changed her shirt?

It's killer how neat Dexter can make his bed, but why so glum?

I call it "The Murder Desk."  "The Murdesk."  "The Murdexter."  I'm bad at naming things.

Skeptical Deb is skeptical.  We can't figure out if she's giving her brother the stink-eye, or deciding whether or not she still wants to bone her adopted sibling.

Hey, Louis Greene is back!  And still has a creepy apartment.  And still hooks up with Batista's sister Jamie.  So...that's what's happening with that.

Beer-drinking Deb is beer-drinking.

Angled beer-drinking Deb is angled beer-drinking.

Now here, we've got something interesting.  Judging by another photo below of Miami Metro investigating the car, we're betting this chap here is in for a rough night.  And who's that ominously walking toward him?  One of our new Eastern European villains, perhaps?

Returning to the conversation we saw earlier, we learn that Deb and Dexter are capable of having conversations.  About things.  And stuff.

"Mommy, Dexter murdered my best friend down in the basement!"  "It's okay Debra, just repress it for 30 years until the writers think it's relevant."

"This trunk would easily fit five dead hookers, if you knew how to stack them properly.  I know because of...science."

"See?  I can masturbate at work AND still have one hand free!"

Judging by this photo of Dexter borrowing a wheelchair, and the next of him wheeling a body bag on a gurney, we're going to logically assume that at least one episode next season will be an homage to 'Weekend at Bernie's.

Dexter's corpse-disposal methods are becoming increasingly public.

Run, my Debra.  Run away from all the murdering murderous-ness

In case of failure to outrun murdering murderous-ness, crying is permitted in designated areas.

"Oh....it's roll corpse to boat, THEN dump in ocean.  I left the corpse in the parking lot!"

"So it's agreed?  We'll all keep Dexter's secret so as not to look like complete idiots."  END OF SERIES.

Looks like somebody can't hold their murder.

Seems 's like Dexter's going to take a little trip this season.  As long as it's not "Nebraska," we're in for the ride.

Either Deb's upset, or actively trying to set the couch cushions of fire with her mind.  We can't read women very well.

Ugh, crap.  Quinn's still in this?

The second appearance of Harry in the teaser, who's probably none too happy that Dexter let Deb catch him.

Nice to know that decades of murder isn't enough to stop brother and sister from family dinner.

Dexter, presumably upset that Deb didn't cut his spaghetti for him.

"I think that corpse is still lying on a gurney in the parking lot.  I should probably check on that."

Could things really be okay between Dexter and Deb after all?

While we're certainly primed to get some closure on this storyline, we're really hoping that Louis isn't just some fanatical collector of rare memorabilia, who happens to be stalking Dexter.

Another appearance of Jamie, and our first look at Harrison!  Boy, he's getting big.

Drunk Deb?  Or just groggy?

"Boy, I didn't think telling my adopted brother that I was in love with him would end with texting pictures of his junk constantly."

Ten bucks the calls are coming from inside the house.

"Looks like eye...got screwed."  YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

What Showtime isn't telling us is that 'Dexter' season 7 is actually just twelve hours of Dexter and Deb talking.

And talking...

At least the talking happens in multiple angles.

Uh-oh, is Dexter about to silence Deb in her sleep?  Or did he forget to turn the light off in the knife-wielding parlor?

Now, here's a visceral shot that's got us interested.  We saw Dexter being served a plate of spaghetti with red sauce earlier, but why is the spaghetti itself now beet red?  Might we be looking through the eyes of Deb, so disturbed by her brother's revealed nature that she starts seeing things?

We were going to make a joke about how much Dexter seems to like eating Deb's...and that's when we got creeped out.

Dexter, Debra, and knives.  Something tells us this season isn't going to end well.

Tell us what you saw in the comments!