Tom Felton

'Flash' Season 4 Loses Tom Felton as Series Regular
It’s been unusually long since The Flash Season 3 finale without word of whether Tom Felton would continue on as Julian Albert. The character was also notably absent from the Season 4 trailer, and reports now confirm that the Harry Potter alum will not remain a regular part of The Flash.
'Flash' Reveals New Details of Tom Felton's Julian Dorn
Likely the first thought anyone had after news that The Flash Season 3 would feature Tom Felton in a regular role was the meta-reaction from Harry Potter geek Cisco. Now, new details and photos from Felton’s appearance confirm some tongue-in-cheek references to Felton’s Draco Malfoy pa…
'Flash' Season 3 Trailer Points to a Brave New World
The Flash has only a week and a half of Season 3 shooting to pull from, but that didn’t stop the assemble cast at Comic-Con 2016 from previewing the “Flashpoint” arc in a first full sizzle reel trailer! See for yourself, as Barry finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings, with ne…

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