It’s been unusually long since The Flash Season 3 finale without word of whether Tom Felton would continue on as Julian Albert. The character was also notably absent from the Season 4 trailer, and reports now confirm that the Harry Potter alum will not remain a regular part of The Flash.

Felton signed on at the outset of Season 3 with a surprisingly regular role, which turned into unwitting accomplice of big bad Savitar and a potential love interest for Caitlin during the “Killer Frost” arc. Season 4 will pick up with the same six-month time-jump typically employed between CW seasons, and Entertainment Weekly confirms that Felton will not be present as a series regular, if at all.

The piece also notes that Felton has not booked even a guest return to The Flash Season 4, contrasting the exit with Supergirl’s similarly-downgraded, but nonetheless recurring Floriana Lima. There was never any guarantee Felton would stick with the series full-time, though it’s of interest to note that Season 3’s trip to 2024 depicted Felton’s Julian Albert still closely-associated with the team.

Elsewhere of The Flash Season 4, we know that The 100 alum Neil Sandilands will play new big bad Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe, while Danny Trejo will play Earth-19 bounty hunter and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho)’s father “Breacher,” and Kim Engelbrecht will play DC engineer “The Mechanic.” Britne Oldford’s Peek-a-Boo will be back for October premiereThe Flash Reborn,” and we may see a stretchy new addition to the team that helps explains Felton’s exit.

We’ll hear more in the coming weeks, but what other changes might The Flash Season 4 bring?

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