A new Disney Infinity trailer gives us the rundown on the game's Power Discs and how they'll work.

The trailer, shown above, shows us a cascading set of Power Discs and what a few of their effects are. They'll be used within the game's Play Sets and Toy Box mode to give you more options for customization and to help flesh out your tailor-made adventures.

Power Discs come in two flavors: Circular and Hexagonal. Circular Discs grant your character with special power-ups that can be used in the Play Sets and Toy Box. The Hexagonal Discs unlock gadgets, vehicles and themes for the Toy Box. Some examples shown in the trailer are Stitch's surfboard, the Pizza Planet delivery truck and a theme that gives your Toy Box the look from Tangled's kingdom.

Watch the trailer above and give us your thoughts on these Power Discs. Any specific discs you'd love to own? Let us know in the comments and look out for the game when it's released on Aug. 18 for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U and 3DS.